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May to September 2006

Marriage Conference at Longezia Mission Base
in Sinazongwe, Zambia

Base Camp Camp Shower Food Boma

Road into Longezia Base Camp.

Primitive shower used until this year.

Boma for serving food at the camp.

Lake Kariba Lake Kariba Lake Kariba

This spot was chosen because of the rocks, to keep out the crocodiles!

Very large beautiful lake.

Dave, mosquito net and hut.

Colin and Judith Carson Theuns and Karin Engebrecht Judi Hinson, Judith Carson

Our friends, Colin and Judith Carson from Manchester, England

Our new friends, Theuns and Karin Engebrecht.

Judi Hinson (teaches the children) and Judith Carson.

Longezia Conference Longezia Conference Loingezia Conference

Open air conference.

About 70 people attended the conference.

Very friendly people. Mwa bukabuti! (Good Morning in Tonga)

A Lusaka School run by Morrison Bwalya and his wife,
a student at Victory University College

School School Morrison and Wife

Wall fence for the school.

Playground for school of 70 children!

Morrison and his wife (principle) in front of the school office!

School Building Class School Kids

An ordinary house used as
a school building.

7th and 8th graders, very polite!

1st grade class in a VERY SMALL room!

CTM donation to Lusungu Community School

gate family children presentation

The children greet us at the gate.

The families wait for the event.

The children sing songs and recite poems.

Pr. Chitundu blank gifts

Pr. Chitundu holds up some of the cups that were donated.

Intentionally left blank.

The chairs, pots and other donated items.


Packing Kayawe Packing Car Packing Car

Packing the Car for Gwembe Valley.

Kayawe helping to pack the car.

Can we get everyone and everything in??

Gwembe Road Gwembe Road Gwembe Road

Gwembe Road.

Walking because the road was to rough.

Very steep and rough road to Gwembe Valley. Not passable in the rainy season.

Sompani Basic School Pastor John Zulu Gwembe Group

Sompani Basic School.

Pr. John Zulu and former principle
of Sompani School.

Dave and Connie, Mrs. Daka, John Zulu and group.

Clothes Ladies Connie clothes.

Giving out clothes and food in Gwembe Valley.

Ladies wait for 1 piece of clothing.

Lady receives a blanket.

Praise Christian Center 2006 Shekinah Glory Conference

Choir Communion Table Robes

Conference Choir and Stage.

Beautiful Communion Table.

Beautiful communion robes for the conference.

Avondale House

Front Porch Back Yard Kitchen

Front Porch.

Back Yard.

Kitchen. Cupboards have
since been removed.

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